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Dagish present to it’s customer the best slippers, glasses and men bags

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Dagish present to it’s customer the best slippers, glasses and men bags


We have the best men slippers, and we can weave comfortable men slippers for feasts and events, we also have luxurious men glasses and sun glasses, classical sun glasses, sun glasses for thin face, and men bags, men handbags, men shoulder bags, and men formal bags

Dagesh present for you my dear everything you look for, to be complete your elegance and appearance in front of everybody by wearing the best slippers, glasses and bags , we also have the best collection that fits different styles

Leather men sandals

Dagesh presents to his dear customers a collection of the best handmade laser sandals in Saudi Arabia with a high quality and we have a large group of men sandals that are admired by all

You won’t like our men Sandals for its shape only, but it will also makes you comfortable. As it’s wonderful appearance is due to being made by the most skilled craftsmen and who have years of experience and heritage.

Industry with passion

We are not just doing our job to achieve the highest sales like our competitors, because it’s our culture that makes us respect our cooperation with customers and always offers the best to make everyone satisfied, so Dagesh offers every pair of leather sandals with the passion we gained from decades of experience.

You won’t be upset any more when you buy Dagash sandals because it lasts long, as its quality and the hand-made leather is very professional and you can imagine that your Sandals will last for years as long as you maintained.

Various styles and colors

As we believe that we have to satisfy all tastes, we offer a variety of styles and colors that appeal to all. So you will find a special collection of classic black leather sandals, black flat sandals and brown leather sandals.

We didn’t forget to manufacture a variety of purple leather sandals, beside that the sandals are suitable for formal and casual clothes and you can wear them in weddings or excursions or go to workplaces and official meetings.




Why dagesh is the best?

We will not hide it. But our proficiency in this industry is because of our group of craftsmen who have many years of experience in the leather sandals industry to the extent that they put all of this experience in one sandal you can acquired.

A lot of time you can find comfortable sandals but not good in terms of appearance or vice versa, but we offer you the difficult equation ,which is offering the best combinations of sandals in shape and comfort and using the technology of innovative shoes to keep up with time and the latest models.

All amenities

If you look for the comfort in dagesh sandals, we tell you that we have put a sponge foot lining to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day, and not to worry about walking on solid ground, and for a great exterior look we added a beautiful touch on the bottom of all our sandals to prevent slipping or falling.

My dear you will also find in our sandals a modern respiratory force method in order to keep moisture away from the feet and provide comfort for long hours , also our sandals are water resistant and so you won’t worry about that